7 ways to fix Windows 10 Black Screen Problems

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Solution#5: Update Graphics Drivers and Get Away from Black Screen in Windows 10 immediately

Immediately get rid of windows 10 black screen of death and start Using your PC normally. What you need to do is to update graphics card using device manager.

Connect your Laptop to the Internet.Go to Start Menu, Type Device Manager > Open it.Check all the drivers are installed and updated or not.First Update those drivers which are outdated.Restart Your PC, now it solves the windows 10 black screen during install.Solution#6: Update all the Drivers Using TweakBit

Graphics card drivers, attached devices drivers will install and update using Tweakbit. First, you need to check: How to download and Install TweakBit.

Once you installed Tweakbit.This program will automatically scan all the outdated and old drivers from your Windows 10.

Note: If you don’t like this way to Update drivers in Windows 10. Simply, check this to update drivers and fix windows 10 black screen with cursor after login. Check, How to Install and Updates Windows 10 drivers easily.

Solution#7 Windows 10 Black Screen Vs. Reset Windows 10

Reset Windows 10 will also work when you are in Windows 10 Safe Mode. On this step, you may have to get into Windows 10 Safe Mode again. Now suppose you are in Safe Mode, actually, if you want to enter Safe mode using the F8 key or Boot Windows 10 Safe Mode From Off-Get Windows 10 Off Safe Mode.

A choice is yours, enter into Safe mode in any way the end is we have to work on Windows 10 Black Screen with cursor.

Here is Step by Step way to reset Windows 10. To get into details with images and video visit: Reset Windows 10

How Reset Windows 10 Will Solve windows 10 black screen?

Sometimes you may face after updates in Windows 10. But still getting problems in Window’s files and folders. Furthermore, many users do not need to get the updates and they are looking for disabling automatic updates in Windows 10.

Reset Windows 10 will refresh your Windows 10.It can help in security in Windows 10.Using Reset Windows 10, Windows.old folder will automatically remove.The speed of Windows 10 also Increases.The black screen will definitely remove.

Here we have mentioned the importance of reset for Windows that how it can help in fixing windows 10 black screen problem.

To reset Windows 10 follow the steps:

Go to Start Menu > Type Settings > Open Settings.Click on Update and Security.Select Recovery from the left Panel.Click on Keep My Files.Click on Reset to finally start repair or Reset Windows 10.

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At last, What conclusion in long run for Windows 10 Black Screen

In the long run, we have mentioned 7 ways to fix Windows 10 Black Screen Problems. Moreover, if you struck somewhere to ask me in the comment section. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Which method did you use to solve Windows 10 Black Screen error?

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