"Activate Windows" doesn't accept product key

My desktop wasn\’t booting up, so I started up Windows Startup Repair and did a system restore. I was told this would revert my computer to a prior state without touching my files. Sure enough, it did that.But here\’s the thing: Because this new desktop didn\’t have a hard drive, I had to get my own hard drive and install the OS. Earlier today, I purchased a new product key for Windows and activated it. When I did my Windows Startup Repair, it reverted the system to a period when it wasn\’t genuine.Well, i was told in a previous thread that Microsoft should accept the product key again, since it was such a short time ago.Ok, well … when I pull up "Activate Windows," it doesn\’t allow me to enter the product key again!Here\’s what I get:When I click "go online and resolve it," all it takes me to is a blank webpage. There\’s literally nothing there at all.What do I do now? 

stebbinsd : USAFRet : Windows 7, purchased from ebay, installed once, and then installed again in a whole new system?Yes, this is unlikely to activate.Your only recourse is to call MS and plead your case.There is no MagicButton to fix this. Then how come it activated the first time? Hard to tell from your fragmented description, but it appears you subsequently installed this on different hardware?Also…failing activation a second time around is not unusual for a license bought from \’elsewhere\’…like ebay.That ebay guy may well have sold that same license again and again and again. 

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