Activating Windows 10 using an OEM key ?

A simple question for those of you who might have tried this (I personally always installed Win 10 from a fresh format). I built a system for a customer/friend of mine, and originally intended to use Windows 7 on it. I instead installed Windows 10 WITHOUT a product key for the sake of testing. I liked it, and decided I would stick with Windows 10 for this build. Now however, I have to use my OEM key on it, since I obviously won\’t be selling this machine without an activated Windows.Does it really need a fresh install, or could I simply go to Account, Activate Windows and feed it the OEM key there, just like if I had bought a key from the Microsoft Store ? I so don\’t feel like formating again and reinstalling all that software if it can be avoided.Thanks in advance guys ;) 

If you installed it from a verified install media (Microsoft), just activating it with that license key should be no problem.No reinstall needed.Of course, as long as it is the same version (Home v Pro), and of course you can\’t use that OEM license anywhere else. 

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