Buying windows 10 product key from ebay

Hi, i\’m maybe going to buy a new pc, but its without a operating system. It\’s expensive, so i\’m thinking of downloading windows 10 on usb and buy a product key from Ebay. If the Product key gets blacklisted will my pc stop working? or will it say that windows isnt activated?. If the key works will my windows work normaly? 

I tried it once, windows will not activate if the key has been used before and that\’s the error message you get – that "this key has been previously activated on different hardware". Happened to me, the key was useless. Lesson learned.They claim you are buying a key from dead or faulty hardware that was never used, but I think that\’s more for E-bays benefit so they won\’t get shut down too fast than for any other reason.I\’ve heard of people doing it successfully and saving a lot of money, that has not been my experience. 

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