Can I Create a Dual Boot Using the Same Windows Key but Different Microsoft Accounts?

I am trying to create something of a unique PC dual boot setup in which I insert a USB flash which my BIOS will by default boot from, and when I remove it my system will boot from the internal hard drive (I already have windows installed here). I\’ve researched this and it\’s plausible, but as I\’m trying to in theory create two separate computers using the same hardware, I need each option to boot to a different Microsoft Account. My first idea is to use the Microsoft tool to copy your ISO files in order to use the same product key to get a second windows copy for the Flash Drive, but if product keys are account-linked it causes a number of issues. Is this impossible, and if not, how should I go about this? Please ask any clarifying questions! Thanks! 

Serial number is tied to a special hash generated by and from the hardware you have. This is called "hardware hash". Windows limits its usage to:If an OEM/Digital Entitlement(Upgraded from Windows 7/8.1) license, it can be only installed to that computer with the unique hash. (Changing any hardware except peripherals pretty much changes the hash, but you can still activate via phone unless the motherboard is the same (EXACT same))If the license is Retail, it can be used in ONLY ONE computer at the same time, so you should remove the key or the entire previous installation that uses the key to install into another device.There was a conflict about this, a user asked for help after installing a dualboot with the same key, the newer one did not quite accept it.Bottom line, you can try it. At the worst, the new one won\’t work. There\’s nearly no chance that the older one will also towel out, which in case you can reactivate it by a 5-minute chatter on the phone (Makes sure that you got the key,if it\’s not upgraded. And I don\’t get the responsibility, back up things)If you have a Pro and a windows to go compatible drive you can set up one of those. It\’s much easier than to order your BIOS to boot from the USB all the time and struggle with the licensing, however those drives are not THAT cheap.Hope this helps 

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