Can I find my windows key from a clone/backup?

I had to buy new hardware, computer didn\’t recognize drivers, needed to reinstall windows 7. is there a way i can find my product key from old clones? i don\’t think i ever made a backup but i did make clones. also, if there is changed hardware can i just copy all my programs and files onto the newly wiped hard drive? 

afaik, you can find your own license key from your own windows installation using softwares like magical jelly bean key finder tool. i dunno about clones though, i guess those have to be mounted and running first.www.magicaljellybean.comedit: as for hardware change, i think it will cause driver conflict and hang ups. i once copied my xp installation on to a different pc, it crashed. i haven\’t tried that since. but safe mode should work. 

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