Can I get my product key back on my custom pc?

Hi, i built my computer a little while back and right now I am having issues with windows, It is currently not allowing me to factory reset among other things, and the only way way I know how to fix this is by completely wiping my hard drive and reinstalling windows 10, but the problem is I had moved a while back, and my case with the cd key on it was either lost, or thrown away (most likely thrown away). So I was wondering if there is anyway to get your cd key back after losing it, because I really dont want to buy a whole new key for this simple fix. 

Microsoft has solved this issue in Windows 10 in a neat way. In Win10, activation is stored in MS servers. The servers remember each activated PC according to a unique hardware ID. Once Windows is installed and goes online, it automatically contacts the activation servers and if there\’s a matching hardware ID, is automatically activated.You won\’t need the key again. When it asks for one, just click "I don\’t have a product key," continue, and check activation once you connect to the internet. 

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