Can I recover windows key from BIOS?

The hard drive of my laptop got spoilt recently and I need to replace it but I didn\’t backup my windows or write down its key(I know huge mistake). I was wondering if I could install a non genuine version of windows 10 and use a software to get the BIOS embedded key to activate my windows? 

If you had win 10 on the laptop before, you don\’t need to worry about the key. When you upgraded your laptop to win 10 originally, your key was converted into a Win 10 key and matched to the hardware in your laptop so next time you install Win 10, and get to the screen where it asks you for a key, you click an option that says "I don\’t have one" and Windows 10 should activate itself once installed. Microsoft have a database of all the product ID\’s (hardware) that match the licence keys and will see one that matches up for you and activate your Laptop.One less thing to worry about :)If you don\’t have the installer you can get it Here 

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