Change Visual effects in Windows 10 for Better Performance


In Settings(as shown below), Click on “adjust for Better Performance“. All your Performance settings will automatically adjust according to your System requirements.

On the other hand, if you click on “Adjust for better appearance“, all the Visual Effects will enable.

Custom: This will allow you to turn on and off the visual effects as you like.

Also, uncheck all the Visual Effects in Windows 10 according to the requirement. We unchecked the best option, We recommend to choose these options, otherwise, you can do according to you. Note: if you uncheck all the options, your Windows 10 will look Old and rough, so don’t make this mistake.


This one is the simplest and best method to optimize Windows 10 performance using Changing in Visual Effects. Now if you are not satisfied with this method, we have another method for you.

⇒⇒Method #2⇐⇐

Optimize Windows 10 for better performance (Changing Visual Effects)

We will solve the issue using settings(Ease of Access Windows 10 option). All the animations and backgrounds run automatically when you install Windows 10. Let’s move on, how can you turn off the Windows 10 animations.

Turn on or off play animation options.

Go to Start Menu > Settings.Click on Ease of Access.On the left side, Select “Other options”.Click on the Toggle Button to turn on or off.Close the Settings after applying.

⇒⇒Method #3⇐⇐

Change Visual Effects in Windows 10 using Windows Registry (Better Performance)

Using Windows Registry, we will go through“Regedit“. we can perform many functions using Registry editor like you can disable Aero Peek in Windows.

Windows Registry is used for many purposes, for example, to enable or disable the Homegroup feature in Windows or also, you can Set up the Icon Size on a taskbar. Follow each step carefully to change, enable or disable Visual Effects in Windows 10:


Go to Start > Open “Run” > Type “Regedit” > Open it.Or Press Windows Button + R to go for Run.Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\VisualEffects


On the right side, double click on the visual effects, Right click on it and modify the key values.

There are still four options( those which we figured out in step-1). Go to NEW > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Apply the key values as shown below:

1)Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer: Place 0 as value data.

2) Adjust for best appearance: Place 1 as value data.

3)Adjust for best Performance: Place 2 as value data.

4)Custom: Place 3 as value data.


As you noticed that, this method also work similar to the method 1. Moreover, We always recommend choosing the best option to Change Visual effects in Windows 10 for Better Performance. Windows Registry can’t disable all the Visual Effects because Windows Registry works with system Compatibilities and don’t allow to lose all the Effects of Windows 10. Here are the few Visual Effects in Windows 10, restricted by Windows Registry:

Fade out menu items after clickingSlide open combo boxesFade or slide menus into viewSmooth-scroll list boxesShow shadows under windows

Above all the Visual Effect can not disable. To disable these Effects, go to our Method 1 in this article and disable each Visual Effect manually.

At last, What else we can do for Better Performance?

If you have disabled all the Visual Effects in Windows 10, We recommend to turn off all the unnecessary programs or programs running in the Background. To close or disable the unnecessary Programs,

Press Ctrl+Shift+escape.Select the unnecessary programs.Right-click on program > Click on End Task.It will speed up your Windows 10.

Here you can end unimportant task one by one.

If you have any Question related to Change Visual effects in Windows 10 for Better Performance, Let us know in the Comment Section. Your feedback is highly appreciated.


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