Disk cloning: will product key follow?

I am an IT Technician for a vocational school and I am considering disk cloning to set up 17 new desktops. Removing bloatware, installing malwarebytes, etc, takes way to long too do individually.I got the desktops from HP, so they already have Windows activated.If I disk clone, will the computers find the product key themselves, or do I have to find each key for each desktop and write them down? I\’m not sure if the key is embedded somehow in the system and would follow anytime you install that Windows version.Thanks! 

if all desktops are identical machine hardware wise, windows 10 cloned from one source will find its OEM license from the HP BIOS directly yes.HP uses OEM licensing for their computer and windows should recognize them, clone one and try it on one other machine, I do not think you will have an issue with licensing, but worth testing it out first on a single System. 

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