Do i need to buy another Windows 10 Key?

I recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU and Ram, and when i reinstalled windows 10 instead of being Windows 10 Home, my PC is on Windows 10 Pro. Do i have to buy another key to activate windows now? Because i have attempted to reinstall windows multiple times but it never installs home, only pro. I bought Windows on a USB Drive and as previously mentioned i have attempted to reinstall Home multiple times, i have no problem buying another product key for windows 10 Pro but i\’m just wondering if it is needed to purchase a new one. 

xifuzedbeastx1 : Ok, but i have attempted to reinstall Windows home multiple times and everytime it just ends up being pro again. I plug the USB in boot from the USB, enter the product key, do advanced upgrade (Windows only) and once it is all done installing it is just pro again? That\’s the problem. You don\’t do an "upgrade". There is no "upgrade" from Pro to Home.Rather, you do a full wipe and reinstall.Select Custom, and delete ALL existing partitions, leaving one blank space.Let the Win 10 Home install to that, creating what it needs.How to do a CLEAN installation of Windows 10 

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