Fake Windows Product key Virus disabled task manager

My computer suddenly restarted and when it booted back up, I realized I had fallen victim to the fake windows product key Virus. I looked up how to remove it with the first option being press ctrl+alt+del and open task manager. The only thing wrong is that task manager won\’the open at all. Nothing online said anything about this so could someone please help me? 

it seems its protecting itself from the one way to remove it.Don\’t you run anti virus? could try downloading http://www.bitdefender.com.au/solutions/free.html , if its anything like the paid version it will scan pc before its installed and may fix thisinteresting, so there is a virus that fakes a security alert that you need to re enter your licence key, and then there is this one, which I assume was a fake key? can\’t find anything about one as Google only finds other.If bitdefender doesn\’t work, I suggest a fresh install of Win 10 and also buy a proper key off Microsoft. If anything seems too good to be true, it normally isn\’t 

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