Forget Windows 7 Password? Login Windows 7 without Knowing Password

If you click on start windows normally it will take you the window where you have to enter the password. But do not click on this choice because you don’t know the password still.

Click on Launch Startup Repair >Press Enter


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You will see at the bottom of screen “windows is loading files”. Wait for a while then you will see a Windows.

Here System will ask: Do you want to restore your Computer using System Restore?

Click on Cancel, this step you have to wait at least 5-7 minutes depends on the data you have stored on your hard drive.

Step Three:

A new Window will appear, at the bottom, you will see “View Problem details” Click on this. Now Scroll down and you will see the link at the end, click on the Link.


Step Four: (Open PC with Windows startup Repairs)

A text file will be open.

Go to File <Click OpenOpen Computer > open the disk where you installed your windows 7.

Here I will open my Drive: D because I installed my windows 7 in drive D.

Find sethc in System32 FolderOpen drive C >Go to windows>Select the All files.Find the folder system32>find carefully “sethc” in the folder.Right Click on “sethc” and rename it to “seth1”; click blank white Area to save it.

Step Five: (Find CMD in the System32 Folder)Find carefully cmd>Right click on cmd Make Copy>Paste it at the end Rename the cmd-copy to “sethc”; click blank white Area to save it.

Close the window and back window.

Click don’t send> Click Finish (Computer will turn off automatically)Step six: (Now Login Windows 7 without knowing Password)

Start the Computer’s windows normally. You still can’t log in, for login to Window 7 you have to open Command Prompt here.

Enter 5 times “Shift” from your keyboard, command prompt will be open.Follow the Steps and Write 2 Commands in CMDType “net user” in the command prompt, you will see the users of your Computer.Type ”net user ahmad * ”

I type ahmad because it is my username you have to type your own username then space and type steric (*), Press Enter.

Here you can get access to login windows 7 without knowing Password, write any password you want to make for your Computer. Make sure don’t forget the password this time, Type Password again for confirmation.

It will appear “The Command Completed Successfully”. Close the Command Prompt

(after entering password)

Enter the new password and press Enter.Conclusion:

Definitely, it was the easy way of login windows 7 without knowing Password and without using any software. Many People forget the password daily so this method also for those who do not know the best use of software or computer properly. Login Windows 7 without knowing the password can also be done through different software and for hackers, it is the easiest task. But this method is not less than any hacking technique. This method is really for those who have some memory issues or people who run their PC after a long time.

If you still have any question asks me in the comment section. Watch our Video also:




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