Help! – Where Can I Find My Windows 10 Product Key in All of These Files?

Hello. I need your help locating a Windows 10 product key.You see, I had Windows 10 on a solid state drive, but something went wrong with this particular copy of Windows 10 such that I had to remove the SSD and connect it to my computer via a USB adapter just to see the Windows 10 files. The Windows 10 product key should be located somewhere within these files, but I don\’t know where to find it.What folder is it in? What is the particular file named?For context, the folders on the drive look like this: need this product key in order to activate Windows 10 after I install a fresh copy of Windows 10 onto this SSD.Thank you. 

It\’s tied to your Microsoft or Local Email account , enter it when installing and it should activate. to reactivation too^ 

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