How can i figure out which version of Win my key belongs to? I have the key…

so, i\’m not sure how to even search for this as it\’s kind of backwards to what the web thinks it is.i have a windows key, i wrote it down years ago and kept it along with a bunch of other PC related things, but it wasn\’t written down in the manual – it\’s on what is now a loose piece of paper. how can i figure out whether that key belongs to WinXP or Win7, and ideally which version (home, pro, 32, 64)? I know it doesn\’t belong to 8/8.1 cuz I have those organized and still running.i know it\’s a key because of the format ABC12-ABC12-ABC12-…so, where can i look up the key and figure out whether i should use it to (re)activate a WinXP build or a Win7 build? does the Microsoft site itself have a "what does my key belong to" section? 

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