How to Boot Windows 10 in safe mode? (Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode)


Select Turn off your PC.Boot the PC and more than once press and discharge F8 until the Advanced Boot Options menu flies up.At that point, you can choose Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.

Method#2 Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode Using Windows 10 Settings – Windows 10 Safe mode from startup

Windows 10 has no doubt thousands of features that we are still unaware. Now you run Windows 10 in safe mode using Windows 10 own settings. Furthermore, there are many options and settings still exists that are possible to solve using from startup option in Windows 10. Windows 10 Safe Mode from startup is also a best choice to enter into boot of Windows 10 safe mode.

In the beginning, Press Windows key from keyboard with + I on the console for opening Settings. On the lower side of all the options, there is an option “Update & Security“.Select Update and security > Click on Recovery now.You can see in the Advanced startup, you have to click on Restart now(as shown in the image below).


Once Windows 10 restarts on the PC, Choose an alternative screen (choose same points as we discussed in Methods 1),

Select Troubleshoot.Go to Advanced Options. Open Startup Settings.Go for Restart.

After your PC restarts, you’ll see a rundown of alternatives. Press F4 or 4 buttons to begin your Windows 10 in the Safe Mode. Moreover, then again if you’ll have to utilise the Internet, Press F5 or 5 buttons for entering Safe Mode in Windows 10 with Networking.

You have seen that we are getting you both options windows 10 safe mode and with networking as well. System configuration is another option to get into Windows 10 safe mode.

Method#3 How to Get into Windows 10 safe mode Using System Configuration

To boot into safe mode, System Configuration is one of these easiest methods to run Windows 10 in safe mode. msconfig.exe is a common famous name to enter into safe mode. This is exactly same, we will use msconfig.exe to enter boot into safe mode.

Cortana has no doubt many features in Windows 10. Cortana is now used for opening System Configuration, follow the steps to enter into safe mode in Windows 10. Many Windows 10 users have disabled the Cortana for many reasons, but Cortana is artificial intelligent assistance provides many features. Cortana eases the user experiences.

Go to Start Menu on Windows 10.Type System Configuration thereFollow the below screenshot if you have problem what to do in next step.At the end you have to restart your Windows 10(Follow below and then read below lines after this image).

Windows 10 discloses to you that you have to reboot your PC for the new setting to produce results. On the off chance that despite everything you have work to do, you have to choose to “Exit without restart.” If you are not suitable with this option you can click on Restart now. Moreover, all your gadgets will boot into safe mode.

When Windows 10 reboots or restart, it goes straight into Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Note: The main thing to notice that Microsoft’s own Edge web program doesn’t work there in safe mode. Therefore you have to use the OLD internet explorer there for doing something on the internet. In this way, you can get the answer to your question that how to boot windows 10 safe mode.

Method#4 How to Get into Windows 10 safe mode F8 Using F8 or Shift F8

We all know that you can get into Safe Mode in Windows 7 because you can use Advanced boot options in Windows 7. Where you can choose the opportunity to enter into the safe mode in Windows 7.

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has announced that you can not get into Safe mode using this shortcuts. The reasons may be for changing the behavior of a system. You cannot boot into Windows 10 using F8 or SHift F8.

Some websites claim that you can enter into safe mode using this options. It can happen only before loading the Windows 10, just press the F8 or Shift F8 key from your keyboard. It will help you to enter into the recovery mode option where you can just enter into the Windows 10 Safe mode.

The main problem with Windows 10 safe mode is that it genuinely can boot up too rapidly. So rapidly, truth be told, that there is never again time for anything to interfere with a boot. When you turn on a Windows 8 PC, there’s never still sufficiently long to distinguish keystrokes like F2 or Shift F8. Also, substantially less time to peruse a message, for example, “Press F2 for Setup.” For the first run for Windows 10 Safe mode through in decades, you will never again have the capacity to interfere with a boot and advise your PC to do anything, not the same as what it was at that point hoping to do.

Method#5 How to Interrupt the normal boot of Windows 10 PC then get into Windows 10 Safe mode

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Automatic Repair Mode“, later in Windows 10, if your windows 10 loads unsuccessfully three times then next time, it will automatically go into the automatic repair mode. You have to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode using this Automatic repair mode when you think; you don’t want to go into above methods.

How to Enter into Automatic Repair Mode?

The first step is, when your Windows 10 starts loading, just turn off your laptop. Repeat the same steps three times. The fourth time, it will automatically enter into the repair mode. It means that you don’t need to start your Windows 10 three times. For example, when you turn on your laptop or desktop, just click on turn on button, when Windows 10 begins then turn off the laptop. Then, you will get into the Automatic repair mode for the fourth time. Follow the Steps very carefully:

The First thing, you will see on the Screen is “Preparing Automatic Repair.”Wait for few seconds, next automatically you will see that “Diagnosing Your PC”.Next Screen you will see that “Your PC didn’t start correctly.”Click on the Advanced Options.On the Next Screen, choose Troubleshoot.“Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart.”For Windows 10 Safe Mode with networking Press 4 or F4.For Windows 10 Safe Mode with Command Prompt Press 6 or F6.

What are the Limitations of Windows 10 Safe Mode?

There are a minimum set of drives in Windows 10 safe mode. Moreover, you can access the all the services. You can fix the problem in safe way just and can’t use many features.

What have we Concluded about running safe mode in Windows 10?

Run the Windows10 in Safe Mode is very important when your Windows get stuck somewhere. Windows 10 users may face many problems then the safe mode is the best options to get rid of errors.

What is your experience of Safe Mode in Windows 10? Have you had any issues? Do you like Windows 10. Which way do you like to run Windows 10 in safe mode? (Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode)? Please let us know your Views and suggestion in the comments!


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