How to Connect IoT devices(raspberry pi) Windows 10 [Solved]


Step-2 Tool to Connect IoT devices Windows 10 (Starting SD Card)

Note: If you have downloaded the latest Windows 10 IoT devices, for example,¬†Raspberry PI or Arduino then you don’t need any tool. Therefore, you can directly get access to SD Card. In short, latest installed IoT devices do not require any tool on a machine to install.

On the other hand, if you don’t have latest Windows 10 IoT devices, Windows IoT Core Image Helper is a small tool used to run SD Card. This tool can give you the access to run the SD Card on your machine for Windows 10 IoT devices(raspberry pi windows 10).

Utilizing the Windows Explorer simply go to “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft IoT\\” and begin the IoTCoreImageHelper.exe. Furthermore, Windows IoT Core Image Helper uses “dism.exe” used to copy the FFU image to your SD card.


There is a second choice that, On the off chance that you jump at the chance to utilize order line instruments. Using this order line instrument you’re ready to utilize the dism.exe straightforwardly. Furthermore, it is situated in the dism folder under C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft IoT\\.

Step-3 Setting up your IoT devices(raspberry pi windows 10)

To set up the IoT device with Windows 10, you just need to concern with Hardware. These items you must have while connecting to IoT device raspberry pi windows 10.

Plug-in a screen. Mouse. Keyboard. Network cable.

The alternative way is to use a WiFi adapter. We recommend using your original Raspberry PI WiFi adapter.

Step-4 Connecting with raspberry pi windows 10 or windows 10 IoT

When you connect IoT device i:e “raspberry pi windows 10“, there is an option through which you can see the devices from your System. Follow the few steps:

go to the folder C:\\Program Files (x86) \\Microsoft IoTRun this WindowsIoTWatcher.exe.

When you launch the WindowsIoTWatcher.exe, it will automatically install the Windows IoT Core Watcher. This tool will show all the devices, addresses and states of the IoT devices and much more.

Possibly you have to enter a client name and a secret word to associate with your gadget. This is first set to Administrator and Password.

SSH is the way to interface with your gadget. I more often than not utilize Putty to interface through SSH.


On the other hand, there is also another option like FTP, you can use it using FileZilla.

Do you like this article about Connecting IoT device windows 10? What do you think and which way are you using to Coneect IoT device windows 10? If you have any problem, you can ask me in the Comments. We are appreciated your feedback.

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