How to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10

The Chrome Software Reporter tool helps your Google Chrome browser and ensures that it works properly. It scans any issues on your PC that may cause problems for the Internet and, in return, the browser and reports these issues to Google. However, this tool uses a lot of CPU usage during the scan, and it can be your computer to slow down. If you want to stop your PC from slowing down, especially if you are playing games, then you can disable this tool. This tutorial will address this and show you how to disable the Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10 computers.

Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter

Besides slowing down your system, you may have an issue with it because you didn’t sign up for Google scanning your computer. I will show you how you can disable this using two methods. You can pick whichever you find easiest.

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File Explorer

Step-1: Click on the File Explorer icon on the Taskbar.

Step-2: When the explorer opens, type the following path on the search bar at the top and press Enter:

%localappdata%\\Google\\Chrome\\User Data

[You can also navigate manually by typing only %localappdata in the search bar and finding the relevant files.]

Step-3: Scroll down and locate SwReporter. The data is arranged alphabetically, so you will have to scroll down a bit.

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Step-4: Right-click on the option and select Properties.

Step-5: Click on the Security tab.

Step-6: Select Advanced.

Step-7: Select Disable inheritance at the bottom of the window.

Step-8: Click on Remove all inherited permissions from this object.

Step-9: Select Apply at the bottom of the Advanced Security Settings for User Data window.

Step-10: Select Yes.

Step-11: Press OK.

Step-12: Press OK in the properties window as well.

Registry Editor

Step-1: Open the Run box using the shortcut keys Win + R.

Step-2: Type regedit and press Enter.

Step-3: You will be asked, do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes.

Step-4: Type the following command in the search bar and press Enter:


You can navigate manually in the left pane as well.

Step-5: Right-click on the right pane, hover the cursor on New, and select DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Step-6: Name this value ChromeCleanupEnabled.

Step-7: Double-click on this newly named option.

Step-8: Type 0 (zero) in the Value data field and press OK.

Step-9: Once again, create another DWORD by following step-5. Name this new value as ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled.

Step-10: Double-click on this and change Value data to 0 (zero), and press OK.

Using either of these methods will disable the tool, and you won\’t have to worry about a slow PC or your private files being scanned again.

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