How to Enable or Disable Multi-Touch Feature in Windows 7


Enable Multi-Touch Screen Feature in Windows 7

We have seen the way to Disable Multi-Touch Feature in Windows 7. You just have to repeat the same steps to Enable Multi-Touch Feature again.

Go to Device Manager >  Right-Click on “HID-compliant Touchscreen“.Select “Enable” from the popup menu.Enable or Disable Multi-Touch TouchPad Feature

Multi-Touch Touchpad is also a key feature for any laptops. For many users, it is difficult to handle this feature. Furthermore, Multi-touch Touchpad in Windows does not require any special drivers. You can easily Enable or Disable Multi-Touch Feature in Windows 7. First, we will discuss how easily we can enable the Multi-Touch TouchPad Feature.

Step-1 to Enable Multi-Touch TouchPad


Go to Start > Open Control Panel Look for “Hardware And Sound” > Open it.Find Mouse and Open.In the New Window, Go to “Device Settings” tab.




Furthermore, Open “Settings” Button.Uncheck the Two Finger Scrolling.Likewise, you can uncheck Pinch Zoom also.Apply and Press OK to save changes.



Warning: Do not uncheck the necessary items like Tapping, buttons etc. It may effect your Touchpad. Furthermore, if you want to use Triple Touch then Check the “Three-Finger Press” Option.

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Multi-Touch Screen feature and Multi-Touch Touchpad feature are important and advanced in the upcoming Technologies in Computer.

Enable or disable Multi-Touch Using “Pen and Touch”

Similarly, this one is also the best way if you have Multi-touch or simple Touch Screen Computer. Simply Search For Pen and Touch in Start Menu. Open the Properties. Here you have two options:

Use your Finger as an input Device.Enable Multi-touch gestures and inking.

Then again, uncheck the “Enable Multi-touch gestures and inking” Option.

What is the Conclusion?

We have discussed how to Enable or Disable Multi-Touch Feature in Windows 7. The touchpad features no doubt in many laptops creates a problem for users while multi or triple touch. We solved your problem about Multi-Touch touchpad of laptops. It has seen that how we “Enable or Disable Multi-Touch TouchPad Feature in Windows 7”. We have used many tips and tricks for Windows 7 to solve various problems. If you have Multitouch screens you can also simply go for “Pen and Touch” Property to enable Multi-Touch gestures. If you still have any Problem let us know in the comment section.

Also, give your feedback about Enable or Disable Multi-Touch Feature that how amazing is to use Multi-Touch Feature in any Windows.



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