How to Find My Windows Key?

Recently, I\’ve decided to build a new pc as my old ones power supply was old and had a lot of outdated coponents. I had windows 10 on my old PC, so I would just look up my Windows Key on my computer, but since I don\’t have access to inside my computer (Aless I replace my power supply) I don\’t know how to find the key. Is there any other way to find the Windows 10 Activation Key?Sorry if my grammars horrible, I\’m really tired while typing this :) 

If you know the email address that you used to login the PC or registered your upgrade copy of win 10 on old PC, there is a chance you can move the licence key. When you upgraded to Win 10 the first time, Microsoft recorded information on their servers which matched your old key to a product key (its a code made up of all the parts in old PC) as well as a email address you supplied them, so they should be able to move that to new PCWhat I would do is install win 10 on new PC, when you reach screen in installer asking for a key, click "I don\’t have a key" and win 10 will continue install process and finish.Then what you will need to do is contact Microsoft and explain to them you bought some (perhaps don\’t say all) new parts and want to move the install from your old PC to the new one, and they might do that for you. Its hard to say, in one hand you have a brand new PC which in the past used to mean you need a new licence, but since the Anniversary Update, I have helped people move their licence from old to completely new PC, so what Microsoft do isn\’t obvious anymore.As for contacting them, if you go to settings/update & security/activation, on the right side at the bottom should be contact methods 

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