Hi I upgraded two PC\’s to windows 10 a couple months ago. I was running legit versions of 7 and 8.1. I have had some issues with both of them and want to do a fresh install. I have created to USB bootable media for the installation, however when I went into the system panel it shows my product key as 20 digits. At the install screen it asks for 25 this was the case with both of them. Where can I find my actual keys? 

The Product key is completely different than the License key (25 characters).And with the Win 10 Upgrade, the license key is of little matter. That info is actually held at the mothership. A hash of your old WIn 7/8 license key, and your motherboard info.So…it sees that particular device as having been Upgraded successfully from a qualifying OS.For Win 10 reinstall on a previously Upgraded device, you do not need the license key.Install, and when it asks for the license key, Skip. It asks twice. 

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