How to recover windows 10 product key from dead laptop.

How should I recover my windows 10 product key.My laptops HDD had its files corrupted. But it still runs and is recognized by system.My laptops BIOS is dead. I took apart the laptop and when I put it back together. It would not run.I can\’t look into the bios to find it. I can\’t use software like jelly bean to find the product key off hdd since the files are corrupted. Should I use hdd recovery software to fix it and then use jelly bean ?  

HiIs the win 10 an free upgrade to an earlier windows 7 or 8 or did it come with win 10 preinstalled?If so and oem win 7 or 8 or 10 on laptop probably windows not transferable ( not clear if oem win 10 licence can be attached to microsoft account)If you purchased win 10 or win 10 upgrade on a dvd or usb you would still have the keyIf the hard disk is not physically damaged and windows registry files intact then nirsofts produkey can read the windows key from the registry fileProvided hard drive attached by esata, sata or usb to a working windows PCRegardsMike Barnes 

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