How To Remap Keys and Shortcuts Using PowerToys On Windows 10

The keyboard layout in Windows hasn’t changed for a while now. If anyone wanted to remap keys, they had to use third-party software to do so. However, with the launch of Microsoft PowerToys, remapping keys has become easier. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remap keys and shortcuts on Windows 10 computers. The process is simple, as long as you follow the steps to a t.

PowerToys Installation And Remapping

First, you need to set up PowerToys on your computer. Follow the steps below:

PowerToys v0.43.0 Is Out with a Number of Fixes and Improvements

Step-1: Download the latest Microsoft PowerToys from GitHub. Make sure you download the most recent release (usually the topmost result is the latest release) and click [Release v0.37.2 in my case] on it.[USE THIS LINK]

Step-2: When you click on the latest release, you will be directed to a page where you will only see that particular release. [You won\’t be able to see the older releases when you scroll down] Now click on the .exe file. [PowerToysSetup-0.37.2-x64.exe in the image below] As soon as you click on the file, downloading will start.

Step-3: When the download is complete. Click on the download and select Open.

[I am using Chrome browser, so the download is shown at the bottom. The download position will be different depending on the browser you use]

Step-4: When the file opens, you will be asked Do you want to allow this app to make changes on your device? Click Yes.

PowerToys v0.41.4 Is Out with Some Fixes – Third Release This Week

Step-5: Now, the Setup Wizard will start. Click Next.

Step-6: Once you click Next, you will see the PowerToys license preview. Read it and click Next.

Step-7: Select the folder where you want the file installed by clicking the Change… button. After you are done, click Next.

Step-8: If you are satisfied with the settings you have decided on. Click Install. [You can also click on Back to review any changes if you wish]

Step-9: You will be asked again Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes.

Step-10: Once the installation is done. Launch PowerToys if it doesn’t launch automatically.

Step-11: Click on Settings.

Step-12: In the General Tab, make sure that the toggle for Run at Startup is On.

[PowerToys has to run in the background for key remapping to work]

Remapping Keys Settings

Step-1: Launch PowerToys. Click on the Keyboard Manager tab on the left side of the welcome window.

Step-2: Click on Settings.

Step-3: Turn the toggle On for Enable Keyboard Manager.

Step-4: Under the Remap Keys section, click on Remap a Key.

Step-5: Click on the plus sign to add a Key mapping.

Step-6: Now select a key you wish to remap. In the Key section, use the Type button and press the key on your keyboard. You can also select the relevant key from the drop-down menu. [I added the right Shift key using the Type button]

Step-7: Under the Mapped To section, select shortcut keys that perform a particular action. For example, I want the right Shift key on my keyboard to perform the Copy function, so I added Ctrl and C keys using the Type button. You can select the keys from the drop-down menu as well.

Step-8: After you have added the keys, press OK.

Step-9: If you are satisfied with the changes, press Continue anyway.

Step-10: If you don’t want these changes, click on the trashcan icon next to the Keys.

Remap Shortcuts

Similar to remapping keys, you can remap shortcuts as well. This is a useful tool when your existing shortcuts aren’t working because of broken keys or other reasons.

Step-1: Launch PowerToys. Click on the Keyboard Manager tab on the left side of the window.

Step-2: Click on Settings.

Step-3: Under Remap shortcuts, click on Remap a shortcut.

Step-4: Under Shortcut, click on the plus sign.

Step-5: Use the drop-down menu or the Type button to add the shortcut function you want to change. [I am adding Ctrl + S, and it is used to Save files in most programs]

Step-6: Under the Mapped To section, select the key you want to perform the original function [Save function in my case] from now on. [I selected the F1 key]

Step-7: Under the Target Apps section, you can choose which apps this new modification should work with. [I want this to work in All Apps, so I kept it as it is.]

Step-8: Press OK to save the changes.[You can delete these changes by clicking on the trash can icon]


If you just installed PowerToys, you will be taken to a welcome screen, and you should follow all the above steps. However, when you revisit PowerToys, Step-2 under Remapping Keys Settings and Step-2 under Remap Shortcuts don\’t apply to you. This is because when you relaunch PowerToys, you won\’t be taken to the welcome screen, but you will be directly taken to the Settings screen (shown below). You can choose the General tab settings and Keyboard Manager tab directly from this screen. [You can also access the Welcome screen by clicking on the Welcome to PowerToys if you want and follow the exact instructions given in this tutorial.]


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