How to view the product key in Windows 10

Any user of Windows operating systems know that their product key is essential to be able to use the system properly. Now digital signature activation is mandatory to use a copy of Windows 10, the product key is not as important as it once was. However, if you’re having issues or would just like to make a copy of it, I’ll show you how to view the product key in Windows 10.View the product key within Windows 10To view your product key.1.Navigate to Control Panel, System and Security and then System.2.Find your product key at the bottom of the window under Windows activation.Knowing your product key will come in handy if you significantly upgrade your computer. For example, if you upgrade your motherboard and/or CPU, Windows may need reactivating as it could think it has been installed on a different, ‘unlicensed’ computer. For that you will need your existing product key.You do not need a product key if you are reinstalling Windows 10 even if you’re performing a clean install. As part of activation, Microsoft takes a digital signature of your computer and stores it. If you perform a clean install and your hardware matches that signature, Windows will activate automatically. If you change hardware significantly, you will have to contact Microsoft.If you bought a computer with Windows 10 installed, the familiar stickers showing the key are no longer used. This is to prevent theft. Most new computers store the key on a UEFI firmware chip within the machine.More useful Windows 10 guides:How to get into advanced startup options in Windows 10How to Enable support for legacy file sharesHow to Restore and use Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10View all of our Windows 10 TutorialsClick to expand… 

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