Hi, I kinda messed up my computer the other day, so I had to wipe the everything on the HDD, including the OS, so I had to reinstall Windows, I put in the Windows USB went through the setup and then it asked for my Product Key and my brother had thrown away the box along with the key number, so I clicked "I don\’t have a product key" and everything was fine till today, now there is this annoying "Activate Windows, Go to settings to activate windows." Watermark type thing in the bottom right of my screen and its always there, I can\’t recover the key it from the old Windows 10 I had, so I\’m kinda screwed, anyone know how to help? 

You should still be able to log into your Microsoft account if i\’m not mistaken. I did a fresh install a while back and had no idea where my Windows key has gone off too (somewhere in a mess of PC boxes and documents) so i just logged into my Microsoft account in the settings and it synced up my old profile and authenticated Windows as my product key is tied to my account. I don\’t see why this wouldn\’t work for you too. Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Info > Manage Microsoft Account, remember you will need to know the Email and Password for your Microsoft account. This is all assuming you actually made one when you installed your last Windows 10. Hope this helps :) 

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