I think someone stole my product key

A month or two ago i went on my windows 8 computer and it told me that someone else is currently using my product key! I think someone might\’ve stole it! What can i do without paying another $100 for a new one? Thanks 

I wish people would write out what\’s going on other then calling for help….So to sum up, it goes like this. You bought a machine at some point. It probably had windows on it already. Then you got a copy of win8 from staples at some point. I\’m fuzzy as to what key the keyfinder looked up. The one on the machine, or the copy of windows 8 that you bought? You said the computer doesn\’t have a sticker on it, but the copy of windows 8 that you bought should have a sticker. You have to use the key on the COA. Period. The one the keyfinder finds might just be the OEM key used, read my previous post for that info. 

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