Installing a new SSD. Windows Key not working.

Currently have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed on my Kingston HyperX 3K SSD. I just bought a SAMSUNG 840 EVO and want to use that as my W7 drive and my Kingston as just a storage drive for games etc… I\’m not 100% sure how to go about this. I initially just unplugged my Kingston SATA cable and started my pc with only the Samsung drive running and instantly installed W7 on it. It got to the very end and I went to input my product key in and it said "This product key is not valid". I then went ahead and shut it all off and started it up with the Samsung unplugged and the Kingston plugged into come research. Do I have to somehow deactivate W7 on my Kingston drive or reformat this SSD? I\’ve searched around a bit and kind find a straight "Noob friendly" answer. I don\’t see how I can reformat my current drive with it running W7 

No it should not make a difference.If you cannot activate it then It may point to the fact that you have no internet connection or the driver has not been installed or loaded for the Ethernet device of the board.Windows needs to connect to the internet to validate its a genuine key.If it fails you get an error.If your stuck put the old drive back in.Load the old OS and go here. and run this program and verify it is the key you are typing in, and correct.Or simply copy the key by writing it down.Swapping the drive load the os on the samsung evo and try that. 

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