Is it possible to swap the FN key for the Windows key?

Hey there! First of all I\’d just like to thank everyone for all the times I\’ve browsed this forum and found solutions to various problems. Keep up the good work!Recently I bought a keyboard for my laptop where the keys in the left bottom corner is:Ctrl – Fn key – Alt – Space Running Windows 8 on my laptop, it\’s a huge disadvantage not having the Windows key around. I\’d like to swap the Fn key for the Windows key, since access to the media functions is less important for me. I\’ve previously used various key remapping tools to change a keyboard layout before, but none I\’ve found can change the Fn key, since as far as I know it doesn\’t have a scancode. (This might be wrong, not really my area of expertise.)Thanks in advance for any help! 

Look around, or ask around, on Linux <—> Open Source Developer <—> Windows (8/8.1) cross over sites.Someone, somewhere has the same problem, and they probably coded a fix for it. 

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