Recently bought a windows key from Kinguin for Windows 10 Pro. After installing Windows into my new PC I plugged in the product key and it didn\’t work. I talked to customer service from Kinguin but it was clear he didn\’t speak English as his primary language so it created a small language barrier between us. I was "told" to click "Don\’t have a product key" and to click Windows 10 Pro from there… After that, I found a way to insert my key after but it said I required the internet so after a couple hours I got the internet running to my PC and then it said my key was used. I was sure maybe it automatically used the key I put in but it says "We can\’t activate Windows on this device because you don\’t have a valid digital license or product key" Can I get some help for what to do next? (Starting to think buying from Kinguin was a bad idea.) 

Yep buying a cheap key from a grey market wasn\’t a good idea. The problem with these sites is that many to most of the keys are either ones that were not meant to be resold, bought using stolen credit cards, created with a key gen, or one key is sold multiple times. Since they are not a valid Microsoft reseller Microsoft won\’t do anything. Bout your only option if Kinguin wont refund or replace is to write it off as a learning experience and buy a key from a legit source. 

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