Looking for mechanical keyboard with WIN key on right side

I\’m on the market for a mechanical switch keyboard, preferably a soft touch (Cherry MX-blue or brown), but I have a problem. All of the ones I\’ve seen so far have the FN key on the lower right where the WIN key should be. I don\’t know if it\’s possible to program that key to behave as the Windows menu key. The exception is Monoprice, but they\’ve done something even more bizarre. They put the backslash key (\\) next to the enter key, which they made an inverted "L" shape.So, does anybody know where I can find a keyboard with a traditional layout (WIN key on right side and Enter key where it should be) that has either Cherry blue or brown switches? The softer the touch the better. Thanks in advance. 

The Logitech G910 has a windows key on the right and the left. 

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