Microsoft Releases Windows 10 15014 w/ More Features for Mobile & PC

Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 10 Insider Preview to the Fast ring. Windows 10 Preview build 15014 is now available to Insiders, bringing some UI changes, among other feature enhancements. Here\’s everything that is new.

What\’s new in Windows 10 Insider 15014

  • Purchase and read e-books in Windows 10 Creators Update (for US only)
  • New Books library, which is a new hub entry in Microsoft Edge right next to your favorites, history, downloads and reading list.
  • Lighter shade for Cortana’s search box (PC): We’re experimenting with a new look for Cortana’s search box on the taskbar. Let us know what you think.
  • Bigger text in notifications for Cortana (PC): Cortana’s voice in notifications and Action Center just got an update to get a consistent visual treatment throughout the OS. This means it is now a bit larger and now uses the accent color.
  • Pick your own custom accent color (PC): Build 15014 comes with a new custom color option to our Colors Settings.
  • Automatically free up space (PC): The option is off by default, but you can turn it on under System > Storage Settings and choose what it cleans up.
  • Merged Wi-Fi settings under “Wi-Fi services” section in Settings app (PC & Mobile)
  • New power slider on select Windows 10 Devices (PC): As we mentioned with Build 15002, we are conducting experiments on features which help improve battery life for Windows devices. Some of you will start seeing a new slider in the power flyout on the Taskbar in this build (this is enabled only on select PCs currently, and is not yet wired up to performance/power settings – we have enabled it to get early feedback)

Microsoft has said that the new UI changes will not be visible to everyone. An intentional decision, the company added that it needs \”Insiders giving feedback both on the new UI and on the “slider-less” UI, since many PCs receiving the Windows 10 Creators Update will continue to not have the slider\”.

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Important note

An important known issue in this build is the broken download progress bar. Under Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, it may look like your new update is stuck at 0% (or other percentages), but the company has advised to ignore the indicator and be patient.

Dona Sarkar also added that the highly-awaited \”My People\” feature will not make it to the Creators Update due in April this year. My People brings the ability to pin contacts to the taskbar, enabling users to directly share content by dragging/dropping. Sarkar added that the company has made the decision to hold this feature for the next major update – probably means Redstone 3, slated for a Fall release.

For the complete details of what Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15014 is bringing to PC and Mobile, check out this official blog post. Don\’t forget to pay attention to the known issues too.

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