Motherboard Windows license

So i just recently upgraded from 1150 to 1151, and i did a fresh start on my windows, now i noticed that it wants me to activate my windows is there any way for me to transfer the old windows from my other motherboard ? 

Prebuilt computers come with an OEM version of windows that is only usable on that motherboard that came with the system, as it\’s hardcoded into bios. If you had a sticker with a product key on it, then you should be able to transfer the key to a new system.There are keyfinders available that can scour a system and find various windows keys, but you would need to have the windows system drive that had the key, and this does not work on newer versions of windows. If you reinstalled windows onto that same original drive, you are now also looking at data recovery software to recover the old system data, then using the keyfinder to scour that old system drive for keys. Just make sure the keyfinder is compatible with your version of windows.If you use a microsoft account (with windows 10) and had the key tied to your user account, simply logging in as that user would activate it. 

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