My Windows key isn't working. How do I fix it?

Hello.My Windows key hasn\’t really worked… Ever… (The physical key between L-CTRL and L-ALT)I\’ve tried looking around for a potential answer to the problem, but there were far too many different solutions, so I\’d rather just make sure.So yeah, the Windows key doesn\’t do anything. I opened up the on-screen keyboard, which works fine, but doesn\’t pick up the key being pressed on my physical keyboard.Thanks for reading. 

There is another solution, maybe the win key is locked. see here:Why is the Windows key not working for my MGK1 keyboard?It\’s possible that the Windows key is locked. If the status indicator LED labeled "W" is lit, that means the Windows Start key is locked. To unlock, please do the following: MGK1 & MGK1-K: Press FN and F9 at the same time.MGK1-RGB: Press FN and Windows Start Key at the same time. Models: MGK1 SeriesClick to expand… 

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