New Year Software Deals: Windows 10 Pro for $9.95, Office 2016 Pro for $23.46 and Office 2019 for $44.08!

The New Year is coming and brings great discounts for the best software keys! So why not start your New Year\’s resolutions with a new set of PC software? Grab the best deals on Microsoft keys, Anti-Virus and many other Security apps – up to 35% OFF at!

The New Year also brings new threats, so you might want to consider renewing your software. Acquiring a new license for Windows 10, Office or Anti-Virus at the most competitive prices may simply be the best way to avoid malware, cracks and even more dangerous threats!

Keysworlds: New Software for Your Computer – Get 35% OFF Microsoft keys!

End the year with great prices and enjoy your extra 35% OFF for all Software keys! Simply apply the discount coupon KWNY35 in your Shopping Cart and get instant access to the following prices:

  • Windows 10 Professional (1PC) – $9.95
  • Windows 10 Home – $10.66
  • Windows 10 Pro Professional (2 PC) – $16.35
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus (1PC) – $23.46
  • Office 2019 Professional Plus (1PC) – $44.08
  • Windows 10 Professional + Office 2016 Pro – $27.73
  • Windows 10 Pro + Microsoft Office 2019 Pro – $49.77
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus(1PC) – $15.54

New Protection for Your Computer: Get 25% OFF Anti-Virus & Security keys!

Cyber-security will be on the rise in 2020, so be prepared for all new threats and digital attacks with a new Anti-Virus! Save 25% more on Anti-Virus and Security Software keys with the discount coupon KWNY25! You can find some more deals here:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus – 1 PC – 1 Year-$19.69
  • Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device – 1Device – 1 Year-$21.32
  • McAfee Antivirus – 1 PC – 1 Year-$13.12
  • McAfee Internet Security Multi Device – 1 Device – 1 Year-$14.67
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security Multi Device – 3 Devices – 1 Year-$9.84


Keysworlds offers an excellent service and a dedicated automatic system to establish unparalleled effectiveness, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction! You will receive your code to redeem in your account within minutes by E-mail. They also offer easy ways to pay, with secure and reliable payment methods such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card, and 24/7 Customer Service ([email protected]) to ensure that you receive the proper assistance whenever you need it.

Start your New Year the right way with Keysworlds! Happy Holidays!

Ethics disclaimer: this is a paid-for, sponsored post. We do not collect any commission on sales. Affiliate links to track sales may be included by the vendor.

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