No Windows 8 product key stickers = legitimate customers pay. Class action lawsuit?

THE CASE OF THE MISSING PRODUCT KEY: I\’m pissed… No really. So I call Toshiba…1 HOUR & 45 MINUTES LATER…Toshiba was no help whatsoever. After being transferred around and talking to 4 agents, I can\’t get no satisfaction. Even after giving them my serial # and furnishing my store receipt, they STILL wouldn\’t tell me what my original product key is, so I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I pleaded my case to him that I was a legitimate owner and he just recited the same scripted answers the last 3 Indian agents told me. That there are only two options:

  • ■1) Send it in for an out of warranty repair (yeah right), or ■2) Buy a recovery media from them for only $39.95. (Even though I\’m a legitimate owner).

SO WHERE ARE ALL THE LITIGATION ATTORNEYS?If you ask me, this is nothing short of a SCAM. It\’s just one more way to juice legitimate customers out of $40 for a recovery disk and I\’m surprised there isn\’t a class action law suit yet. This could be a goldmine for a lawyer. Who would have thought… Your hard drive crashes, and they TAX YOU for it??? I call it pouring salt on a wound! Yeah, I know I\’m a buffoon for losing my disks, but given this is a relatively new OS, I was completely unprepared for this, like so many others suckers that came before me. I sure would really like to get my hands on "SW Media – USB-SATELLITE-C855-Windows 8 64bit Professional-EN", whatever that means. Can\’t find the disks anywhere online.ONE SMALL STEP FOR PC… ONE GIANT LEAP BACKWARDSNot to start a Mac vs Pc debate, but it\’s stuff like this that makes me wonder how the PC isn\’t dead yet. Did you know that on a Mac, restoring is a simple as holding a key at startup? Even with a new HDD, it will connect to the internet and download/install all the software you need. No serial, receipt, product key or anything. Apple takes yet another leap into the future while PC… (dare I say it?)… "pulls another Vista"… All I know is that this is NOT OK.  

Microsoft has changed the way how the product key works for Windows 8.Yes, for Windows 7 and prior versions, laptops had a sticker with a product key so that you can "barrow" a Windows 7 disc from someone and use your product key to re-install Windows 7 on your laptop. As others have stated, the Windows 8 product key is now embedded into the electronics.Specifically, the product key is encrypted in the BIOS. This explains why Toshiba\’s tech support can not tell you what your product key is because they have no idea what it is. The product should be retrievable from Windows Registry using a program like Magic Jelly Bean. However… It also seems to be the case where each OEM Windows 8 disc has it\’s own product key. This means you cannot simply borrow someone\’s Windows 8 OEM disk to install Windows 8 on your laptop using your specific product key. It will not work.Since the hard drive died, the recovery partition is also dead. In this case you must rely on the Recovery Disks to reinstall Windows 8. Unfortunately, you did not make a recovery disk (it seems most people skip this vital step). This means your options are extremely limited.While you may be very angry at Toshiba for not providing you with the support you are expecting, the problem is Microsoft changed the rules of the game. It is that change which basically makes it impossible for Toshiba to tell you what your product key is.The Recovery Disk that Toshiba (and other companies) offers for sale is an additional product / service. While it is related to the Windows 8 operating system is not the the Windows 8 operating system. Again, a Recovery Disk is something the owner (you) should create when you received your laptop. Since you did not create one, they offer you the option to buy it and it is considered a value added service for which they can legally charge you money for.If you do not want to send in your laptop for service and you do not want to pay $40 for the recovery disc, then you need to buy the OEM version of Windows 8. Of these three options, paying the $40 for the recovery disks is likely the cheapest and most convenient option. Shipping in the laptop for service will likely cost just as much and it will be sitting in the queue. 

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