Hey everyone,I\’m planning to upgrade from Windows 7 to Professional 10.Kinguin.net has good prices but there\’s two options, OEM key and Retail key. Retail is considerably more expensive and I don\’t understand why. Google results are not clear regard this.-One more question: may I install Windows 10 without deleting my old stuff? I\’m too lazy to make backups and format all drives. I just want to upgrade and keep my settings and everything where it belongs.Thanks! 

Crixilian : OEM (Original Equiptment Manufacture) is should not be sale, that product key is come along with laptop or computer when you buy from laptop/computer manufactureso if you are going to buy a product key, you should buy retail versionas I known, OEM key couldn\’t be upgrade You can legally buy an OEM copy. Lets say i\’m making gaming PCs for people. I can buy an OEM copy for the system. But being I would be the original equipment manufacturer, I would be responsible for any tech support the customer may need. (or the very least letting them there will be no tech support)http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832588491&cm_re=windows_10_pro_oem-_-32-588-491-_-ProductOEM copeis can be upgraded. I\’ve upgraded a few in my systems already. 

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