Possible to factory reset windows without cd key?

I bought a cheap computer off of Craigslist that I\’m in the process of upgrading to give to a friend. Is there a way to either do a factory reset or completely reinstall windows without needing a cd key? The computer doesn\’t have a COA key on it, and I just want to be extra sure there\’s no keyloggers or anything and I don\’t feel comfortable with trusting that a virus scan would automatically detect it if there were one.I don\’t care about losing any data on the Machine, I just want everything completely wiped so my friend can have a fresh start without worrying about potential keyloggers. Oh I forgot to mention, it\’s windows 7 

Draydince : Oh cool, thanks! Do you know the exact destination offhand to manually find the cd key?I think it was a custom built one. It looks like a no name case. I was thinking of WIndows XP, not to worry, this site has an easy way to get it:http://www.howtogeek.com/206329/how-to-find-your-lost-windows-or-office-product-keys/The section "Finding the Windows Key Without Any Software (Advanced Users Only)" is really easy to do. 

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