possible to move OS to new SSD no windows key (prebuilt dell)

So I am doing a small upgrade to a dell with windows 8.1. Its a media player I have in living room I want to do some gaming on.Swapping into a new case and adding 1060 gpu and new psu and in a few months will maybe do a new build and will use parts towards thatI wanted to add a SSD for gaming and figured I could use it in new build as well later on. But then thought about moving windows onto it.Problem is being a prebuilt I don\’t have any product key so am not sure what I can do. Ive always just re-installed in past when I modified a build but had the key.Whats the best way to go abouts moving it to the ssd? Or is it not worth the hassle without a key? 

1. With the same parts (except a new case) you do NOT need your license key.2. How to get the stuff on the new SSD? Two options:1. Clone to the new drive. This requires that the total used space be significantly below the size of the SSD>For instance, with a new 500GB SSD, you need the actual used space to be below 400GBor2. Clean install on the new SSD. This requires a reinstall of all your applications.You can get the Win 8.1 ISO file here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8and use that to create your own USB install. 

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