Product key different from sticker key in Vista- worth upgrading?

I wanted to reinstall Vista on my old computer. Unfortunately my sticker is damaged. I can only see first 4 characters. I run Windows product Key viewer and Key Finder. Both show different key than this on a sticker. Is there any way to reinstall it using new found key. If not, is it worth to buy oem w7 for 18 pounds? Machine is Core 2 duo 2.13, 3 GB Ram, gt 640 Card. 

Make a note of the key you found in your machine and your edition, like Home, Business etc. You can probably re-use the installed key to activate the same edition of Vista. If not, buy a key.The so-called reinstall disks on ebay work just fine if you have a valid key, which you probably do since it is activated now. Choose a disk that has all editions (Home, Business, Ultimate), 32 and 64 bits. Dell OEM disks work fine on any machine too, but will put a Dell emblem on your system information screen, if you care. Dell will be one edition, and only either 32 bit, or 64 bit, not both. So the more versatile disks work better in general.Keep in mind Microsoft is not strongly supporting Vista, security updates only, no updated version of IE, etc. They don\’t want to support his turkey, and it\’s really a good idea to move on at this point, though I realize we all have inertia. Best of luck with it! 

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