Question – corsair k70 keyboard randomly not working windows key replaced with mute

corsair k70 keyboard randomly not working windows key replaced with mute right windows key is replaced with something else, the whole keyboard randomly sometimes decides to stop so i have to put it into bios to make it work again, the windows key works fine on bios mode but doesn\’t on other things also when i type it goes off it for some reason 

10 years ago, had an issue with a cheap brand of power supplies my boss purchased, just out right turning off, like they tend to do when they burn out. Half of the systems built with them were coming back at their two year mark, which is very bad when you give everyone who buys your system a three year warranty. After the 11th came in, I decided to open one up, and see what could blow, if every single one that came back the fuse was in tact. Inside, found a small edition which consisted of a 555 timer, EPROM, and 5v relay. We didn\’t have the equipment to read the EPROM, but after metering it out, wasn\’t hard to guess it was a system to shut down the PSU after about 20,000 hours. I removed the board, and soldered a line directly to the relay, and after that, the PSUs worked. I heard of things like the R4 having a timer to stop function after a certain amount of time, but never a power supply. These were 550w power supplies my boss paid $28 each for. My new build uses a 850w game max on an Aorus z390 gigabyte MB, and my daughter has an earlier version that I been trying to catch an issue with as moment I grab my meter to check hers out, it runs fine, otherwise it turns on and off like Christmas lights on a tree. This in itself is a pain because it doesn\’t allow any time what so ever, for the PC to be on long enough, to record any power information. I\’d swap it out, but trying to get my daughter off long enough won\’t happen until it dies most likely lol. 

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