Question – Fresh Start Windows 10 Product Key necessary?

Hello,I\’m about to do an uninstall and reinstall of Windows 10 after not being able to pinpoint the definite issue related to super lag during gameplay after upgrading a bunch of parts. Is what I\’m finding online correct…that you don\’t need a Windows 10 product key if you use the Fresh Start method? When I use the Belarc to find my product keys, it tells me that my Windows 10 key might not be the key specific to my install but that it could just be a standard key that the manufacturer uses when a pre-install is done on a pre-built PC. So, I don\’t even know if the product key it shows is the actual product key that I would need to use if something goes wrong with the Fresh Start. Has anyone used the Fresh Start and had to use their product key anyway?Thanks in advance for any guidance on this. 

If you are re-installing on same computer with same components, then you should be ok. Microsoft sets and records your system, and if it detects the same settings it will just reinstall with no problems.If you are unsure, you can download and run Belarc Advisor (Free program). It will show all your codes on your computer, including your windows 10 install code. You can reuse it if you feel uncertain. 

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