Question – Keyboard acts like im holding down windows key

I had windows 10 for four years + a wireless keyboard. Now, I don\’t know why it occurs (maybe because the cell is low on power) but once or twice in a month, the keyboard goes crazy, and for example, if i press W alone, it acts like i pressed the windows key with it. and it acts like this with every single button. sometimes i press windows+w and it just goes away, but then buttons like c and v in lowercase doesn\’t work. sometimes i need to restart the whole computer. It starts to be really annoying. Recently, a few months ago i brought the original and activated version of windows 10, but the problem still occurs. But if maybe not the keyboard, nor the Win10 causes this, then what? the whole BIOS of the motherboard? I will upgrade my PC from AMD compatible to Intel in the summer, but until then, can somebody send me an answer what causes this and how to prevent? Or is there is anybody with the same problem? 

I\’ve had this so many times playing games when I\’m switching desktops, what I do is get the on screen keyboard in settings in ease of access and spam the windows key on my keyboard and the on screen one. 

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