Question – Using windows 10 home key when windows pro is installed (unactivated)

Title says it all, I extracted my windows key but it seems to not work, it displays it in the activation tab and everything but says it isn\’t activated, this key was extracted from my laptop which came with windows 8 OEM that we later upgraded to windows 10 pro for free, with that I thought that I got a "real" version and not an OEM but it seems to not be the case? I\’m honestly quite inexperienced with windows so if anyone could try to explain that\’d be great (also please answer if installing windows 10 home would actually change the windows pro version to windows home, and if that doesn\’t work what am I supposed to do? Do I need to reinstall windows alltogether or will that work?)thanks! 

You say it shows up in the activation tab. But lists as not activated. Have you tried running the activation yourself? On clean installs, Windows will often not activate. The solution is to run the activation yourself. Then choose to activate manually. At which point you can call or chat to get the activation code.Chat (Skip down to "Using the Get Help app in Windows 10"): phone you don\’t need a live operator. As the link indicates. After you tell it you are activating Windows. It\’ll offer to text you an activation link. Do that and open the link on your phone. Then you can type in your Installation ID the activation program presents you with into your phone. Then type the Confirmation ID into your computer which the phone system provides. I\’d have just provided this link directly. Unfortunately the MS activation links are short lived. I don\’t know why they don\’t just have an activation website. It would certainly save me some time after repairing someones computer.____Are you installing using legacy or UEFI boot settings? A UEFI installer should pick up the product key from the BIOS. So, that you don\’t even have to input a product key during install. Windows 7/8/10 product keys all work for 10. Doesn\’t matter if OEM or Retail.If it never asks for a product key during the install. It is getting the key via UEFI. The Windows 10 installer will Pro/Home automatically based on provided product keys.OEM only matters if you try to change motherboards. Is this the same computer which came with the license? If it isn\’t then you need a new license. When buying a license. Be wary of grey market sites offering cheap keys. These are often volume license keys not eligible for resale. While they work initially. MS cleans house frequently. At which point Windows may deactivate._Windows does not support downgrading from Pro to Home. A clean install (ie wiping drive) is required. There are supposedly workarounds but they look messy. You have to mess with the registry and then run an upgrade install. 


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