Question – Windows acting like the Windows key is stuck, even though it isn't.

This is driving me crazy, I have a Corsair K70 Keyboard and at random times when gaming Windows thinks that the Windows key is getting held down when it isn\’t.This leads to me getting tabbed out of games as all of the windows key shortcuts are opened. For example if i press E windows explorer will open and tab me out of the game.I had this issue on my old PC, and I\’ve recently got a new one and the issue is STILL happening. So is my keyboard just dying out? Does this sound like the typical symptoms of a dying keyboard?Sometimes the issue stops if I button mash enough, but when it finally stops happening some keys no longer work on the keyboard. If I press Windows Key + L to lock the PC and unlock it again. All the keys work once again.I had to disable the windows key via the Registry on my old PC to stop the issue from happening, I really don\’t want to have to do this with my new PC so any help would be very appreciated.Thanks. 

Have you updated the Cosair keyboard drivers?If not, download via the manufacturer\’s website, reinstall, and reconfigure as necessary.Other suggestions:Try the keyboard on another known working computer.Try another keyboard on the new PC.Determine if the tabbing problem follows the keyboard or stays with the PC.And do hold off on any registry edits as a last resort. Be very certain that you can recover if any registry edits go badly astray. 

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