Rebuilding my rig- what Windows key can I use?

Hey thereI am rebuilding my computer. It has Windows 10 on it that was upgraded to all the way from Windows 8.0. Is there any way to reuse that key for the new system? (I am not disabling the old system, so I guess- no?) If I can not use the key from old system, then I have unopened Windows 8.0 Pro OEM. All that talk about being able to unlock Win 10 with Win 8 key- The Microsoft did not let us register Win 8 key without computer. But I did pay for it, so what can I do with it now?Thank you. 

Setup a Microsoft Account and link your current PC to it , then backup whatever you want to save and perform a clean install on your new setup and activate it with your Microsoft account from within windows. Skip the key entry during setup and activate it from within windows with the registered Microsoft Account. a USB installer here ^ 

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