Retrieving Windows Product Key

Does anyone know how I can retrieve my windows product key from my BIOS? This for a 2 month old MSI Dominator GT72 PRO laptop which was purchased new with Windows 8.1 preloaded; no disc or product key label was provided. We recently did the free upgrade to Windows 10 and through a series of issues ended up letting the OS do a reset which did not work out. Microsoft provided us a link to download Windows 10 for a clean install, which we did and is now on the laptop, however, it requires the original 8.1 product key to complete the installation. Microsoft tells me that the original product key should be retrievable from the BIOS since it was not provided with the laptop. Can anyone instruct us on the procedure to locate the key from the BIOS? 

Belarc Advisor can do this 

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