Reusing Windows 10 Product Key

Hello. My current computer is no longer working (Hard drive issues) and I have decided to just get a new computer as my current is 5yrs old. Anyways, in attempt to repair my computer I completely wiped my hard drive, so I no longer have windows installed. It won\’t even allow me to install windows on my hard drive due to some partition issue. Regardless, when I get my new computer, since I do not have windows 10 on my current computer anymore, will I be able to install it on my new computer with it being activated? My main concern is having to re-buy windows 10 because I have used this key before. It is not in use as of now, and im just curious if it will work as if the key is new since I wiped my old harddrive. 

guanyu210379 : It is not as easy as that,If the license you bough was an OEM license, depending on where you live, you should not be really able transfer it to another PC no matter the reason.If it is a full version, you should be able to reactivate it without issues.Anyhow, if you have issues reactivating your Win10 copy, , you can try reactivating Win10 via telephone call to Microsoft customer support, provide the reason and some documents e.g. bill for that Win10. Even if you have an OEM version, perhaps the Ms. CS is nice enough to let you reuse it. With Win 10, the concept of buying an OEM vs Retail license has pretty much gone out the window.It is now you obtained the license. 

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