Set Up your Windows 7 with Speech Recognition

Train Speech Recognition

Once above procedure is completed, you have to train your computer to better understand you in Speech Recognition Control Panel. This isn’t necessary, but it can help in improving the dictionary accuracy. It may take some time but if your windows 7 speed is well then no issue otherwise you can speed up you Windows 7.

The main advantage is here that you can also take Speech tutorial by click on “Take Speech Recognition”. Here you can learn the basic commands and dictation.

Dictate Text using Speech Recognition

The interesting part is here; let’s say there are some text fields in your notepad or some application and starts saying something, for example, say “Hello World”. It will automatically recognize your voice. For example, you are saying “What is your name?” then you must have to speak question mark at the end of the above sentence because it recognizes just those words which you speak.

Windows 7 Speech Recognition does not understand every word properly. For example, if you say moments, it will understand and write women. So there is a little disadvantage of this feature.

If you want to avoid above problem, there exists some suggestion regarding what you said then you have to say the number and then say ok. You can also say “correct that” to correct the last word you typed.

Basic Rules of using Speech RecognitionMake sure you are using high-Quality Microphones.Do some Practice in a starting.Use suggestions because you are a beginner.Speak those words which you think can be different.


Shortcuts that will definitely help

Press keys: (Press Control V) is just like as you press two keys simultaneously. Similarly, these shortcuts are for, Delete, Copy, Select and other keys.

Close program: Close any open program. “Close Notepad” would then close the running Notepad Program.

Double-click something: You can also double-click by speaking “double-click” and similarly for “right-click”.

Open program: Open a program by saying its name like saying Paint if you want to open this program and much more.



Speech Recognition is a powerful feature in Windows 7. You can quickly make corrections and give you a lot of suggestions. Speech Recognition works fairly well and uses a variety of commands that make sense. Windows Speech Recognition Macros extends its capabilities in Windows. Download Macros properly that are triggered by voice command to get interact with applications.

There are some basic rules of using Speech recognition. Once you become aware of these suggestions or understand the basics by practice some words then you do not need to use any suggestions sheets.

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