[SOLVED] – Accidentally showed Windows key on ebay

Hello,I recently sold a PC on ebay, but totally forgot to blank out the Windows 7 activation key (used to activate Windows 10 on the PC). I know that this can be bad as it seems like anyone who looks at the picture can use the code for themselves, and then cause issues for PCs using the same key down the line with updates and such. I am working on getting the pictures removed from the completed listing, but wanted to know how big of a problem this is. In preparation to sell the PC, I installed and activated a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on the PC\’s SSD with the Windows 7 COA. I completed the installation all the way to the desktop with a generic user account.Was the risk mitigated by me already activating the key on the PC, or does it not matter, and how big of a problem is this?Thanks. 

So it had 7, and then you installed Win 10 and used the Win 7 license to activate it?And sold the system?Anyone else who tries to use the Win 7 license will "probably" be rejected.Probably. 


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