[SOLVED] – Dell optiplex 760 oem windows key

Hi!I have an old Dell optiplex 760 lying around. It\’s own key sticker is not present, it has been peeled of.It does not have original hard disk as well.So now I don\’t know what it t came with. It comes with Vista or 7 and since it has old e4600 processor I\’m guessing Vista but don\’t know exact version.So can any of you tell me which os it shipped with and it\’s oem key or a way to retrieve it.Thanks. It will really help. I have had w 10 on it Which was slow so now wanna install original os to do some retro gaming or movies in this situation since I\’m not leaving the house due to current situation.Thanks again 

I would mention that in my own experience Win 10 is the type of OS that no matter what system it installs on, it has the ability to work as well as the components allow. You have built in options and the ability to turn things off to a degree that you can physically make 10 operate and look just about like XP. From a security standpoint I wouldn\’t use anything Windows based that wasn\’t supported any more unless it\’s off the internet. 


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